About the Book

Stories from the Heart: The Walk of a Widow

Having searched these long and lonely years, for “a new kind of normal”, I realized that with recognition of life gone there was realization of new beginnings, without guilt, through the process of creating new, sweet, precious memories.

Realizing there is HOPE, JOY and PEACE, knowing without a doubt that my heavenly Father loves me more than life itself. That is where I gained my trust. Normal is different for everyone. For me, there was nothing normal about losing my spouse so suddenly at a young age, but then, what’s normal about a kind, gentle man being crucified, spit upon, beaten until blood ran down his face, hands and sides, cursed, and then left to hang on an old rugged cross while his mother sat and watched, weeping for the loss of her son. It was HOPE, JOY and PEACE knowing her heavenly Fathers hands were holding her. Even though she KNEW it was not a normal kind of death, in the eyes of God, it was right. He ordained it as His will. HIS perfect plan was in place.

Now, mine has not been three days, but then again, I am certain that Jesus felt as though it was years as he went through the torture he experienced, uttering those last words, “It is FINISHED.” But GOD had another plan. Completeness came, as He said it would, with His son’s resurrection. It is only by TRUST and FAITH in Him, that you can walk the depths of this darkness.

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